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Frequently Asked Questions

"He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever"

Chinese Proverb

1. "How much does it cost to run for the Legion of Zoom?"

  • The registration fees are $250.00 per child.  However, households with 2 or more children will receive $25 off per additional child. Additionally, late-season adds are as follows:

  • High School students added after their season ends will be charged $175.00

  • Middle School students are the same $250.00 as they will not miss any of the season. 

​2. "In what capacity are the fees used?"

  • The registration fees pay for the following:

  • USATF/AAU Fees

  • Insurance

  • Track Meet Fees

  • End of Year Trophy and Certificates

​3. "Are the fees refundable and when are they due?"

  • Registrations are non-refundable and/or transferable under any circumstances.  $100.00 Deposit is due the first day of practice and the final payment of fees is due by the start of the 3rd week of practice.

4. Can my child workout with the team and not run for the Legion of Zoom?

  • Yes, your child will be able to train with the team and not be obligated to run for the Legion of Zoom, however, there will be a $200.00 non-refundable fee attached for the training.  

5." How long are track meets?"

  • The length of track meets tend to vary.  Typically they start at 8:30 am and run until the final event is over usually around 4:00 pm. However time of departure will vary depending on the event schedule and if our team runners are involved.  ​

​6. "What do we have to bring to each meet?"

  • While outdoor track season runs in the summer months, it is important to have plenty of water, fruit, light refreshments, also any other non-greasy foods to snack on while participating in the meet.  Along with food, please bring folding chairs, sunscreen, tarps (optional) and a tent to protect from sun exposure.  


​7. "Where are the track meets held?"

  • AAU track meets will be held anywhere from the Richmond area up through the Northern, Va. area and also down to the Tidewater Area.  We will be mindful of the travel when picking the schedule to make sure the two extremes (Northern, Va. to Tidewater) won't happen from week to week.

​8. "Is there fundraising involved to reduce costs?"

  • Yes, to reduce the cost of travel to the National Meets and the Junior Olympics, there will be fundraising throughout the outdoor season to help parents reduce out of pocket expenses. 


​9. "What documents are needed for my child to participate? "

  • All children ages 5-19 will need a copy of a birth certificate that will be immediately returned.  


​10. "What days of the week do the team practice?"

  • The Legion of Zoom will practice Monday-Thursday during Outdoor season from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Indoor practice is on Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 pm to 8:00pm. Parents will be notified at least 1 hour in advance if practice will be canceled for any particular reason. 

11. "Where can spikes be purchased from for my child ages 5-10?"

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